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To solicit resources through partnerships with the public and private sectors and grant such to organizations and individuals supporting the children and community of Hernando County, Florida..

P.O. Box 15572, Brooksville, FL, 352-610-2647

Guiding Principles

•   Fosters a culture of giving.

•   Actively solicits the community, the public, and it's partners to support it's programs for needy children in Hernando County, FL.

•   Acts as a trusted steward of it's contributions and will use them effectively to support and fund meaningful programs that improve the lifestyle of the underprivileged.

•   Seeks collaborative and/or synergistic partnerships to generate and leverage resources.

​•   Embraces diversity and cultural competency as essential components in it's programs, partnerships, and activities.

​•   Advocates life-long learning, scholarships, and other initiatives that promote and sustain excellence in the life of a child.

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