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To solicit resources through partnerships with the public and private sectors and grant such to organizations and individuals supporting the children and community of Hernando County, Florida

P.O. Box 15572, Brooksville, FL 34604  (352) 610-2647

During our lives, we experience many changes.  Life cycle events shape the underlying principles of who we are personally and as a community.  The Spring Hill Kiwanis Foundation acknowledges the importance of these events.

Only with your financial support can we continue to engage children and communities and help guarantee our legacy. Children and communities face enormous challenges every day and their future will be determined by the work we undertake now.

    We must maintain our focus and create a positive impact on these children and communities.

                                           We must cultivate youth leadership skills.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.  Your contribution is more important than ever.  The increasing demands of meeting the needs of these children and communities in Hernando County, Florida continue to tax our financial resources.  With your financial support our actions will touch countless children and communities.  Your generosity means services can be implemented to help needy children and communities in Hernando County, Florida.  Gifts from caring and compassionate friends like you will help the Foundation accomplish its mission.

Your donation can be provided to the Foundation by: (To s
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You can use PayPal for your secure credit card donation, or,

If you choose to write a check please click on the check icon, print and fill out the form,

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Additionally, AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic program of the Amazon Corporation that will donate to the Foundation a portion of the price of a purchased item.  For more information go to AmazonSmile and then select Get Started, or see instructions how to set up AmazonSmile here.